With Sorrowful Eyes, The Dog Bids Farewell To Her Youngster, Who Will Be Adopted

The heartbreaking departure of a dog and her youngster evokes strong emotions in even the most hardened hearts. The amount of puppies a dog may have over its life varies depending on the breed and size, but it is no secret that many of these families are split up.


It is impossible for a person to keep all of a furry friend’s puppies, which is why adoption is always encouraged to ensure that all of the puppies have a better life. When it comes to stray dogs, the situation gets nearly prohibitive.

When she bid farewell to one of her pups, a furry woman who survives off the kindness and charity of the students of Zhengzhou University in Henan province (China) was captured on camera.

A female on a motorcycle pursued the animal in order to provide him with a better life than he might have on the street, and it appears that the dog was fully aware of what was going on.

The mestizo notices a young woman walking away with her baby in the distance and approaches them to say farewell to the puppy.

The young woman, moved, brings the baby closer to the mother in order to properly say goodbye, and the moment is terrible. The canine’s brilliant eyes mirror the mother’s anguish as she rejects her pup with the most tender of licks.

Both the girl on the motorbike and the person recording allow herself to be completely immersed in the scene’s emotion, with one of them remarking that the dog seemed to comprehend what is going on.

The young woman was correct, since this puppy was the dog’s twelfth and it was her turn to place him for adoption. He had, in some way, already felt that agony.

The recorder says, “I feel like he’s fired his pups multiple times.” “Four times, then seven times. It’s the twelfth puppy of the litter “, says the student who is going to adopt the dog.

One of the young women on the recording also expresses her belief that the dog and her youngster should not be separated. That is, in fact, a frequent reaction among all viewers of the film.

Some people say that when animals are removed from their young, they do not comprehend or feel anything, however this dog absolutely disproves that belief.

When the young woman approaches her mom, the mother starts smelling and kissing him right away. That is his final physical touch with the being he created, and he makes the most of it.

The dog provides a piece of her life in those kisses. But, as if the situation wasn’t already dramatic enough, the hairy one eventually splits from the puppy and decides to depart.

The dog begins to walk, undoubtedly with a broken heart, and the video, which has been widely shared on social media, comes to a close.

The agony a dog feels when she has to say farewell to her children is indescribable:

Worse, the mestizo is observed departing with her breast full of milk. She may even have mastitis, but the poor thing will continue on her path, confident in the knowledge that she has done everything she can for her child. We only hope that these individuals would feel sorry for the dog and provide it with a loving home.

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