White Reindeer Impresses Photographer By Blending Into Norway’s Snow

Nature never ceases to amaze us with its diverse array of plant and animal species. Always displaying the beauty that we must all strive to preserve.

This week we’re off to Norway, where they’ve discovered a newborn white reindeer that blends in perfectly with the scenery. This unique species was accompanied by its mother, who had robust brown fur and lived in the northern woodlands.

CREDIT: Mads Nordsveen

White reindeer are not albinos; they have a rare genetic abnormality that causes their fur to be completely devoid of colour.

For the indigenous Sami people, who reside in territories spanning Norway, Sweden, Finland, and even Russia, this is a sign of good fortune.

The photographer Mads Nordsveen, who was trekking with several companions when they came across the gorgeous white reindeer, was the lucky one who snapped this photo.

« I was climbing in the mountains seeking for interesting landscapes for my trip photos when I came upon this amazing creature out of nowhere.

We gazed deeply into each other’s eyes as he got quite near to me. When he realized that I was calm and nice, he became pretty relaxed.

CREDIT: Mads Nordsveen

Following their great experience, the mother reindeer appeared behind him and stood there watching them. But, seeing that everything was in order, he just allowed her return to her.

It was a fantastic experience for the group, which they characterize as a “fairy tale,” which they attribute to having the camera in their hands.

It’s astonishing that he was a baby; in this way, he piqued her interest in his instincts and demonstrated his ability to approach humans without violence. His mother, too, was composed.

It is without a doubt a memory that everyone on that trip will cherish.

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