While Snapchatting a Wild Fox, a Man Gets too Close to it and Now He Wishes He Didn’t

There’s a rationale behind the expression “sly as a fox.” These creatures have a lovely coat and a bushy tail on the surface, but they have a lot of secret motives on the inside. And, wouldn’t you know it, when this guy ran across one in the middle of the street, he decided to snapchat the moment. The animal, on the other hand, had a trick up its sleeve that absolutely took the man off surprise.

What would you do if you came upon a lovely fox while walking along the street?

This guy decided to film the once-in-a-lifetime event and activated his Snapchat.

And, as the fox approached him, he even attempted to pet it.

However, this turned out to be his worst mistake.

It’s no surprise that the tiny fox, cowering in the woods, felt terrible.

CREDIT: Tootsaysthetrain

The following morning, however, fate had repaid the man for his efforts in the hunt.

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