Two Dogs Sweetly Comfort Each Other After Losing Their Owner

After their owner was murdered in a hiking accident, two dogs console one another. Together with Kris Busching and his buddy Mark, Tonka and Little P were out on a hike in Colorado, USA, when they became disoriented.

According to Mr Bones & Co., the New York-based NGO that is presently looking after Kris’s dogs, after two days, Kris attempted to descend into a canyon with her dogs to obtain some water, but they were unsuccessful and fell in. Kris.

When Kris lost her footing, she tried to save her dogs but they all fell to the canyon floor.

On impact, the guy was killed, but Tonka and Little P were hurt.

They patiently waited with their pets at Kris’s body. They didn’t leave him until, a day later, aid really showed up and everyone—along with Kris’s friend Mark—was saved.

Mark brought the pups to the grieving family of Kris on Long Island, where Mr. Bones & Co. offered their assistance and offered to take the dogs to the vet so the family had time to grieve.

Once there, the small dog brothers who had “suddenly lost their whole universe” consoled one another while suffering from both physical agony and the pain of loss.

When Tonka was brought to the animal hospital, the charity published a video of the dogs affectionately stroking one other’s noses.

Written by Mr. Bones & Co.

When elder brother Tonka was brought to our @amcny emergency animal hospital so his leg may be saved, the kind of devotion and love these two displayed need no further explanation. His relationship with Little P is lifelong.

To prevent the dogs from being split up, the rescue organization is seeking for a family that can adopt both canines.

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