This Vet Sings To A Nervous Dog To Calm Him Down Before Surgery

Prior to performing spay surgery, Dr. Ross Henderson of Fox Hollow Veterinary Hospital in Colorado gave a dog called Ruby the finest pain treatment possible while tenderly singing her own rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling.” InLove. More than 5,000 people have shared this priceless moment from the hospital’s Facebook page.

As Henderson stated to The Dodo:

She was wailing and bouncing about in the kennel. I chose to sing while playing my guitar because I had it with me. When she became quiet, she placed her head on my lap. It serves as a powerful example of music’s power.

In order to assist patients relax, Henderson and the clinic staff have always sang to them, and the guitar was only an addition to that practice.

Veterinarian sang with his guitar to a patient before surgery to calm him down

Dr. Henderson’s father and brother are also veterinarians, so this is a family profession.

“My guitar currently resides here. Anything we can do to show our companion animals that we care about them is beneficial because many of them have never visited a veterinarian clinic. especially in light of the amount of affection they show us.

Henderson also said

Greg, one of our workplace cats, is unaffected by music. He probably notices it since he hears us sing so often. It truly has an effect on other species. Singing along with our dogs may help people fall in love with them, therefore that’s a win in my book.

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