This Humpbacked Pit Bull Was Slated For Slaughter And Was Saved By A Kennel Worker

Cuda, a 6-year-old Humpbacked Pitbull, is well-known on social media and has amassed more than 21,000 followers on Facebook. Cuda has short spine syndrome, a rare illness that only 17 dogs in the entire world have.

Cuda’s current owner, 50-year-old Julie LeRoy, is from Kingston, New York, and was working for Animal Control when she rescued her. A family that couldn’t have her had found the pit bull.

John said:

“They complained to me over the phone, then asked if I wanted to see the pitbull puppy they had rescued. I was informed that they couldn’t keep her.

“I couldn’t bring her back, even though I was aware that it was against procedure to refuse to transport her to the shelter where her sacrifice would occur.

You might say I put my job at jeopardy to save a puppy.

People who encounter Cuda are constantly intrigued by her unusual looks.

The overwhelming response is amazement since nobody has ever seen someone quite like her.

The people who assert that Julie is keeping the dog in this condition from suffering are completely ignorant of the circumstances the pitbull is going through. The truth is that Julie has a deep love for the precious Cuda, always provides for her needs, and is aware that she is content being with her family.

People come to me to complain that she is in terrible agony, that I am treating her cruelly in order to keep her alive, and that I am using her as a prop for a circus performance.

To let everyone know how special and one-of-a-kind Cuda is, Julie LeRoy created a facebook page for her.

When Julie got in touch with the Italian owner of another dog with the same condition as Cuda the Humpbacked Pitbull, she learned everything she needed to know about short spine syndrome.

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