This Homeless Dog Was Paralyzed, But Thanks To The Love Of His Rescuers He Managed To Walk Again

The Udaipur, India-based nonprofit Animal Aid Unlimited was approached by a person who was very worried about the appalling circumstances that a disabled, abandoned dog was going through in these circumstances after being hit by a car. The volunteers of the organization did not think twice to assist him and arrived at the proper location swiftly. When they arrived, Georgie was there, utterly immobile and with a look of resignation on his face.

He was quite hesitant and terrified when the rescue crews tried to approach him, so he slid away while yelling in defense at one of the volunteers.

“It doesn’t happen very frequently, but occasionally there might be no reason to wait when nerve injury is detected early and intense treatment and physical therapy are begun promptly, and that’s what Georgie did. She stood by. She needed immediate care for the injury to her spine and, most importantly, rest to stabilize it.

Georgie had regular massages from volunteers while receiving physical treatment, as well as several weeks of rest to assist the nerve damage repair.

Now Georgie is a whole new dog, happy and unstoppable.

It is heartening to know that there are still kindhearted individuals eager to aid those who cannot fend for themselves, as was the case with Georgie, and there is no question that the love of his rescuers played a crucial role in his rehabilitation.

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