This Family Adopted A 20-Year-Old Cat To Bring Him Lots Of Love And Joy In His Later Years

While many people look to adopt a pet when they are young, this caring family chose to adopt a 20-year-old cat named Dexter in order to give him the love he deserved in his final years of life. As a result, this Gato was very happy and undoubtedly left an irreplaceable place in his family’s hearts after he passed away.

It all began when Best Friends Animal Society member Jill Williams got an urgent email asking for foster homes for cats.

The woman, who is eager to welcome a cat into her household but already has a husband, four dogs, and two kids, was unsure of how it would go.

We had a good idea that we would have to keep them apart even if we temporarily took care of a homeless cat.

“We had no clue how our dogs would react to a cat family member.”

Jill made the decision to visit the cat sanctuary, where she was able to observe several cats in need of homes. At the time, the woman was considering adopting a tiny cat, but instead she discovered an elderly toothless cat named Dexter who absolutely won her over.

I thought at first, “Wow, this cat definitely needs a home.”

“I had a gazillion things going through my brain.”

Dexter didn’t appear to mind this; all he seemed to want was a home. Jill considered it exceedingly improbable that a 20-year-old cat at his age could live with four dogs and two active children.

Dexter kept yelling at me while he moved between my knees and put his paws on them as I crouched down.

Okay, I intended to bring him home.

She convened a family meeting after deciding to bring Dexter home to lay out the scenario and the ground rules going forward.

JJ and Harry Williams, Jill Williams’ then-5 and then-7-year-old boys, have always adored Dexter.

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