This Dog Suffered From Advanced Mange For A Long Time Until He Was Rescued And His Life Changed

Jerry was a street dweller in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Long-term advanced mange was a problem for this dog, but when he was saved, everything changed. His life was made unpleasant by the scabies’ severe itching, which resulted in skin sores that hurt him terribly.

The dog was in danger of passing away when Animal Aid Unlimited saved him, but he is still living today because of the efforts of the organization’s volunteers. He started receiving treatment as soon as they brought him to the animal hospital.

Jerry never stopped running, only pausing to scratch and bite himself before starting again. He kept his head down, kept his tail still, and pulled his body along.

This dog had been completely neglected and abandoned since the day he was born, but that hasn’t stopped him from being utterly appreciative. Jerry underwent daily treatment that included therapeutic baths that helped to calm the intense itching, as well as the application of different antibiotics to eliminate all the secondary infections that caused him pain.

The dog was in great need, but days after beginning his treatment, his attitude drastically changed. He was also always very kind and patient with those who helped him, and after a few weeks, both his health and appearance improved.

Jerry appeared to be pleading for assistance. And what a joy it was for us to say “yes” to Jerry and the 30 other dogs at Animal Aid Unlimited today who were recovering from mange.

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