This Dog Led Rescuers To A Box Full Of Kittens And Becomes The Perfect Foster Parent

Aragon, a rescue dog from Greece, recently saved a whole litter of kittens that were abandoned on a mountain and allowed to perish. After the kittens were delivered to the shelter, Aragón continued to display heroic deeds by becoming the ideal foster father for the kittens.

Volunteers from Aragón work for SCARS, an organization that rescues animals (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society). They search for stray animals every single day. More than 25 kittens were saved by them in only the past month.

Aragón once started directing the rescuers toward a box as they were strolling along. Aragon was acclaimed as a hero and the box was filled with kittens.

They arrived to the kittens just in time because, like many other abandoned pets, they would have soon been devoured by a fox or other animal.

Mother of Aragon said:

“The kittens were fortunate this time. Aragon started tugging us in his way as we were strolling towards the mountain with him; we were preparing to shoot a documentary about the several animals that had been abandoned there. In essence, he was the rescuer, and he has been a fantastic foster parent ever since.

The veterinarian inspected the kittens and found that they were in excellent health. They were looked after by the personnel around-the-clock, but Aragon was their very own hairy guardian!

Aragón took on the role of their adopted father, cuddling and defending them to make them feel secure and cherished.

It’s amazing to see cats and dogs getting along, love definitely knows no species.

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