The Transformation Of A Rescued Dog That Was In Bad Shape Is Incredible

A video was released by the Spanish organization Albergue de Animales Dog House, depicting the plight of Barilla, a stray dog rescued from the streets. We can observe the tremendous metamorphosis of this dog, who is now quite happy, in the same video.

Barilla was so weak and starved when she arrived at the shelter in Granada, Spain, that her bones were visible through her skin and her internal organs were on the verge of failing. The shelter’s owner, Eduardo Rodriguez, was determined to save her.

Credit: Eduardo
Eduardo stated:

“I’ve been saving dogs since I was a youngster, and I’m used to seeing them in horrible health, but none have been as awful as Barilla.” She had been without food or drink for so long that she could only move her head and tail when we rescued her.

The animal now resembles an entirely different bitch after 7 weeks of therapy.

Credit: Eduardo
Due to starvation, Barilla was unable to maintain himself at first, but things quickly changed. The change of the dog, who can now not only stand on all fours but also run and play like any other dog, can be seen in the video.

Credit: Eduardo

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