The owner sacrificed her own comfort to make her pet feel warm and comfortable during her absence

Her love towards the dog is indescribable!

It was a cold day, when Kristina Hollie and her friend were waiting for the bus, when an exciting thing happened, which they will never forget.

They saw a woman walking with her dog and suddenly they stopped in front of the post office. The owner wanted to enter there but she couldn’t take the dog with her, so she had to leave him outside alone. She tied the dog to a tree and what she did later deeply touched the witnesses.

The woman took her coat off and covered her dog with it. The cute animal was so satisfied with his human’s action and calmly sat and waited for her arrival.

The caring woman could take her dog in, but she wasn’t allowed to do it, so she wanted to know that the canine was safe and warm during her absence.

Kristina was so touched by the scene that she approached to the woman to express her admiration for her kindness.

Those, who were passing by the dog’s side, were looking at him with a great excitement.

Some of them stopped and took a picture of the animal. As a result, he became famous and the scene went viral at once. A great number of people wrote many nice comments under the post expressing their admiration for the woman’s step.

Each owner must be kind and caring towards their pets like our today’s hero, because these poor creatures really need human love and support.

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