The Nets Are Conquered By Spoiled Turtles Dressed In Fancy Costumes To Match Their Owners

Ethel is a turtle with a fantastic sense of style who has won the hearts of thousands of people through social media. Although we have seen many families dress their pets, particularly kittens or puppies, in amusing outfits, seeing a turtle is unusual, especially if it is dressed so stylishly.

It is a nearly 10-kilogram four-year-old sulcata tortoise who lives in the United States with Kasey Kuchinski and Daniel Rodrguez, both 33 years old.

The couple lives in a house in Sonoma, California, with their pet turtle, and they’ve built a lovely love triangle filled with adventure and excitement.

Sulcata tortoises live for 15 to 20 years after reaching adulthood, although they can live much longer in the right conditions.

After sharing some entertaining images mixing their costumes, these three got the attention of their fans. Of course, Ethel is the protagonist, and she is the one who receives all of the accolades.

The turtle is more than a companion pet for Kasey and Daniel; they see her as their own daughter, and they are eager to make her endlessly happy and give her all she deserves.

The pair lavishes so much attention on Ethel that they even take her to the spa for a soothing massage on her swelling shell.

This tortoise is naturally adorable and is lavished with attention from her parents, but Ethel has become a fashion icon when the pair shared their amusing ensembles with their devoted Instagram followers.

Kasey, who studied fashion design, said it all began when she saw a trend on social media when families with young children post images of everyone wearing matching clothing, and she decided to try it with her turtle. Kasey made the following points in this regard:

“I saw a trend on Instagram where families with children were taking photographs in similar clothing, and I thought it would be great to do the same, but with our turtle, it’s sort of an inside joke.”

This couple is overjoyed to be able to dress their little turtle in a variety of outfits. Kasey admitted that she always knew Ethel would be a part of everything and the primary protagonist when she came up with the idea.

It is a lovely turtle who adapts well to any environment. Some of its favorite pastimes include eating sandwiches, sunbathing, and taking long walks in the park.

“Ethel’s favorite pastime is eating, but she also enjoys sunbathing and taking a stroll in the park. Her favorite food is peppers, but she also like white veggies, zucchini, and squash.” It usually simply eats grass and weeds, though. Despite the fact that it is not a sea turtle, it likes beach days since there is plenty of sun, as well as plenty of rocks to climb and sand to burrow in.

She has almost 67 thousand followers, and each publication makes her fans melt with joy to watch her so happy and loved by her parents. This charming foursome has earned the title of “favorite turtle family.”

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