She Told Her Sister Not To Have A Dog When She Had Her Baby, But She Didn’t Listen

Ten years ago, a member of Imgur advised her sister not to get a dog when she had her child; nevertheless, it is obvious from these images that she disregarded her advice, which turned out to be the finest decision she could have made. The expecting baby’s aunt was unaware at the time that the dog and his niece would grow to be great friends.

As we can see in the series of images below, the devoted dog has been at the girl’s side since the day she was born.

The young girl’s cookies were occasionally stolen by the dog, but other from that, their relationship grew stronger every day.

When the child was older, she and her friend started a custom of watching cartoons on Sundays.

They were never separated no matter what they did, whether they were playing, in the vehicle, or just relaxing on the couch. They even attended the same school.

The aunt of the young girl stated:

They are the finest friends there are, I choke back my praise.

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