Rescued Wombat Can’t Hide How Much She Loves Her Favorite Keeper

Grandparents Linda and Bronte are the owners of the South Australian refuge Two Songs Sanctuary, which is committed to giving many types of animals who can’t survive in the wild the greatest possible quality of life.

Linda and Bronte take care of 27 kangaroos, 8 wombats, 2 ponies, and 2 dogs at the refuge. All of the animals are there because regular people have rescued them and are in need of assistance to keep caring for them.

Pumpkin, an adorable wombat who is madly in love with her guardian Linda, is one of the cutest animals at the refuge and one of its most endearing residents.

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After her mother was struck by a car, Pumpkin was spotted at the sanctuary by a passerby who chose to go through the mother wombat’s pouch in an effort to locate her young.

After looking after Pumpkin for a while, she soon grew up, prompting the woman to seek assistance from Linda and Bronte, who took the small marsupial in without hesitation.

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According to Linda, wombats kept in captivity frequently select their preferred keepers; for instance, Wardoo, another wombat at the shelter, has a strong bond with Bronte but little affection for Linda.

Pumpkin, on the other hand, is so enthralled with Linda that she regularly approaches her to play or take a sleep. She enjoys massages, is constantly seeking for attention, and of course, knows who she is. She might or might not follow instructions, though.

According to Bronte, wombats are very much like dogs, especially when it comes to playing games, but they are also like cats in that they don’t follow instructions.

The pair claims that because the Australian government forbids them from releasing the animals, all of the keepers are required to care for them and provide them a permanent home.

That’s quite a compromise considering that wombats may live up to 35 years in captivity and kangaroos can live up to 20 years or so.

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The facility is large enough to provide the creatures there with cerebral stimulation, exercise, and muscular growth. For instance, each wombat enclosure costs roughly $10,000.

Instagram/ twosongssanctuary

The couple no longer takes holidays because of the continual labor at the sanctuary, but they are content with their job anyway. Overall, Linda and Bronte consider themselves extremely fortunate to have the chance to care for such magnificent creatures.

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