Rescued Three-Legged Dog Is The Ring Bearer At A Wedding And Falls In Love With Everyone Present

David Michel wanted to do something special to surprise his animal-loving fiancee Jenny as his wedding day drew near. Tod Emko, a friend of Michel’s, was asked whether Piggy, his rescued three-legged dog, could attend the wedding and play a significant part by donning the rings.

Darwin Animal Doctors, a group that aids ill and hurt animals, was co-founded by Tod, who told The Dodo:

He wanted to have Piggy carry the rings down the aisle to the happy couple while wearing them attached to his vest. I anticipated a major surprise.

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Jenny also had the same thought, which was a problem.

Doug stated:

“A few hours later, Jenny contacted me to see if I might assist her in planning a surprise for David. She enquired as to if Piggy would make the couple’s wedding day ring presentation by making her way down the aisle.

Jenny and David quickly understood what had happened.

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Doug stated:

“After speaking with me on the same day, David and Jenny both saw that the other was acting quite strangely, and they both recognized something was up. When they talked about it, they were astounded that they shared the same thought.”

Despite the fact that the surprise had been spoiled, David and Jenny were nonetheless thrilled by Piggy’s involvement in their wedding. Piggy wasn’t just any dog to them, after all.

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Piggy was living as a stray dog on a nearby beach in the Dominican Republic in 2009 when he was rescued by Tod and Andrea Gordon. Piggy’s back leg has suffered terrible damage after being struck by a bus. And he would have passed away without medical attention.

The removal of Piggy’s limb saved his life, but they were aware that he would require continuing medical attention. Tod and Andrea decided to take the three-legged puppy under their wing and transport him across the country so he could begin a fresh life in New York City.

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Since then, Piggy has taken part in Darwin Animals Doctors’ humane teaching initiatives and performed as a therapy dog.

Despite having just three legs, Piggy marched down the aisle to distribute the wedding rings.

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