Rescued Dog With A Disfigured Face, Is Recovering Satisfactorily Thanks To The Love Of His Rescuers

Phoenix is a rescue dog with a distinctive facial feature. The dog was discovered in Collinsville, Oklahoma, roaming the streets looking for food, according to Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue. Phoenix was apparently formerly under the care of someone, but this person let him down and abandoned him.

Phoenix’s illness is being looked into from all angles, and lab tests are being run to determine what is causing his skin problem. To maintain the comfort and health of his skin, he routinely bathes and takes medicine.

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Phoenix appears to have been subjected to a number of abuses at first look, but the vets do not consider that possibility since they think that his disease is to blame for his state.

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It was said:

“They sent us proof from an earlier Good Samaritan who has pictures documenting the course of Phoenix’s face degeneration. She might be disfigured as a result of a medical condition. It’s crucial that we avoid assuming all actions are evil.”

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The organization’s employees continued:

“Animals without homes and adequate care, without shelter, food, and water, suffer so many challenges, especially if they have a medical condition at the root of their condition.”

He was transported to Kansas to visit two vets who specialize in skin diseases, according to the most recent information on the Phoenix issue.

Veterinarians in Kansas with exceptional expertise in skin diseases include Drs. Karen Trainor and David Senter.

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When Phoenix was saved, these veterinarians were already aware of his issue. His skin was sampled by the FAM group, who then forwarded the samples to Dr. Trainor, a veterinary pathologist.

Phoenix next traveled to Overland Park, Kansas, to the Veterinary Dermatology and Allergy facility, where he met Dr. David Senter.

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