On Vacation, A Woman Comes Upon A Dog With A Broken Spine And Adopts Him

When a lady discovered a wounded dog while on vacation, she did everything she could to ensure that he received the medical attention he required.

Kiara Ijzendoorn and her family were traveling along a road in Crete, Greece, when they came across a dog that was scarcely moving in the middle of the road.

“His limb had been completely paralyzed. His damaged spine was visible as a large hump on his back “The Dodo spoke with Ijzendoorn. “We came to a halt so he could crawl out of the road, but he was a shambles.”

Ijzendoorn noticed the dog was living alone in a neighboring barn. She felt she had to help the unfortunate dog because her heart ached for him.

Ijzendoorn went to the barn over the following several days to see and feed the injured dog, whom she called Fos, which means “shining” in Greek. Despite his terrible injuries, Fos was overjoyed to meet his new buddies whenever they came to visit. Ijzendoorn understood what she had to do since he was such a nice, loving dog.

Ijzendoorn explained, “We couldn’t leave him.”

Ijzendoorn formally adopted the dog after taking him to a local rescue group. Fos was examined by a veterinarian, who confirmed that he had been abused. Fos was treated for his injuries and returned to Holland with Ijzendoorn and her family a few days later to begin his new life.

Fos is still healing from his broken spine today, but he is doing a lot better than he was in that filthy barn all by himself.

Ijzendoorn stated, “He walks better now and his bump isn’t as huge.” “Older guys and some cats terrify him.”


Fos would not have made it if Ijzendoorn hadn’t stopped when she spotted him laying in the middle of the road, and she might never have met the dog who would become her best friend.

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