On his 31st Birthday, This Adorable Seal Was Surprised With A Massive Ice Fish Cake, Which He Enjoyed

Birthdays are something we all look forward to! A birthday is a wonderful event that we all look forward to, whether it is our own or that of someone we care for.

Animals are no exception. After all, don’t they also deserve to be treated on their special days?

The ideal example of this is this beautiful seal from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. Yulelogs, a rescue seal, recently turned 31, and he was presented with a massive ice cake to celebrate!

Yulelogs couldn’t suppress his pleasure when he saw the cake was packed with fish. The adorable images speak for themselves!

Yulelogs was rescued as a little puppy in 1989. Yulelogs was released back into the wild after the marine park that had saved him closed.

“However, after such a long period in captivity, he had no idea how to feed himself and had grown too comfortable with people,” according to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary’s website. “After receiving complaints from worried members of the public stating he had been pursuing people with buckets on the beach, assuming they held fish, Yulelogs was rescued by the RSPCA three months after his release.”

When Yulelogs was found for the second time, he weighed just 132 pounds (60 kilograms), less than the normal 551 pounds (250kg).


“When it became clear that he needed care, the RSPCA asked the Cornish Seal Sanctuary to see whether they could give him with a permanent home,” according to the website.


Yulelogs is now 31 years old and a healthy, happy, and energetic seal who is adored by everyone at the sanctuary.
And it turns out that this birthday was a big moment for Yulelogs and his companions, as a male grey seal in the wild only lives to be approximately 25 years old.


“Yulelogs absolutely loved his birthday cake,” said Georgina Shannon, the sanctuary’s marketing and media coordinator.


“It’s also wonderful enrichment for him since it challenges him to think about how to get the fish out of the cake!”

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