Molly Was Heartbroken, She Adopts A Baby Possum And Was Able To Fill The Void Left By The Loss Of Her Children

After sadly losing her litter of puppies at birth, Molly the beagle was going through a very difficult period. Because of all that had occurred to her, Molly was horrified and grieved by the animals’ unwavering devotion for her children.

When Molly changed from a happy canine to a lonely mother who yearned for her children, Molly’s parents were at a loss for what to do.

The poor little dog was always bored and kept pacing about her house in an attempt to fill the hole that still existed in her heart.



A weird new acquaintance entered Molly’s life one day when she was ambling around the family house in Gazette, South West Victoria, Australia. The dog went back to her house with an unexpected cargo: a newborn opossum that had been discovered in a field.


Evidently, Molly brought the young critter home to protect it after it leapt upon her back while feeling lost.


Molly’s family, Elle and Sara Moyle, thought their connection was extremely odd, but they also saw that they had a unique kinship.

Sara and Elle stated to 9News:

“Ever since, they have remained inseparable.”

The link between them had to have developed since the opossum was orphaned and required a mother, and Molly is a mother even without her babies. Even though they belonged to different species, they needed one another to attempt to overcome their challenges with life and find love.


They are an odd couple, and I believe the possum mistakenly believed Molly to be her mother and vice versa.

It appears that the opossum they dubbed “Poss” arrived to treat Molly’s wounds at the same time that she chose to adopt the small creature. The dog’s disposition has altered since the lovely link between them began, and she is now more content than ever.

They are truly mother and son, they are utterly inseparable, and their meeting was like falling in love for the first time.


The young possum was presumably seeking a mother because it felt abandoned, and Molly obviously yearned for a puppy to look after and nurture.

Said Sarah:

“I think they both needed each other, so it’s been a terrific friendship,” says the author. “It’s certainly raised their spirits.”

Poss finds it difficult to maneuver the Moyle’s Gazette grounds by herself, so she jumps upon Molly’s back and the two of them gleefully explore the area. The dog is happy to be able to care for the small opossum and guards her as though it were one of her own puppies.


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