Kitten Smiles At Everyone Who Visits The Shelter And Hopes They Notice Her

Nala is a cute kitty that was discovered pregnant on the streets of the Netherlands by someone who tried to aid her when she was in labor. The cat was taken to a veterinary facility and had to undergo an emergency caesarean section, but only one of her two babies survived.

Dierenbescherming, an animal welfare organization, took Nala in and planned to give her a new, warm home. Her kitten immediately flourished, and she was able to find a forever home where she was extremely happy. Nala, for one, did exceptionally well in her new setting, where she was cared for by volunteers.



“He is considerably better now that he eats hypoallergenic food.” This specific cuisine may be required at any time.”

When he notices a visitor close, he attempts to attract their attention by meowing. He normally stands on his two hind legs through the glass, his eyes fixated on a wide and lovely smile, and if people approach, he rubs pleasantly on her legs in quest of affection.


Ineke explains:

“A house with a (enclosed) garden, with people who spend a lot of time at home and don’t have any issues with their particular food, would be ideal for her. It’s fine if she’s kept with other cats, but she’ll require her own food.”



Nala enjoys both human and feline company; she is a happy and cheery kitten who enjoys exploring everything around her and is a little naughty. She often seeks warmth from one of her animal or human buddies when she wants to take a pleasant snooze.


When people approach the fluffy feline, she typically welcomes them with a big, lovely smile; she is a kind and cheerful kitty who wants everyone to know it.



Thankfully, Nala’s story has had a happy ending. The feline with the big smile received a permanent home and now lives with her adoring family indoors.

Inek continued:

“She’s doing fantastic and gets along with all of her other pets.”


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