Kitten Born With Two Faces Is Saved By A Woman Who Never Gave Up Despite The Odds

The owner of a cat in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, was startled to find that there were really four newborn noses sniffing around her house, not just three, after the cat gave birth to three healthy kittens last week. She focused her attention on one of the kittens and saw that it had three eyes, two noses, and two mouths at birth due to a very unusual congenital disorder called craniofacial duplication, which duplicates some facial characteristics in the womb.

Contrary to popular belief, the small kitten, who went by the name Bettie Bee, was healthy. She had two mouths, which made nursing challenging, but she realized she had to find someone to assist her raise her.

Facebook/ Bettie Bee

Bettie Bee quickly won her savior’s heart at just one week old, and she’s doing the same to everyone else who sees her on social media. When she was younger, she fell in love with everyone.

Facebook/ Bettie Bee

The anonymous savior of Bettie Bee revealed to The Dodo:

“She was born on December 12, and the next morning I went looking for her. When I took her to the vet that day, her initial recommendation was to euthanize her. She was, nevertheless, a lively 1-day-old at the time. We were eager to give it a go. She has been prospering, too.

Facebook/ Bettie Bee

Because Bettie Bee’s rescuer received so many letters and friend requests about her, she made the decision to set up a fan page for her, where new information would continue to be posted as the cat develops.

Although Bettie Bee had trouble nursing naturally, she is well tube-fed.

Facebook/ Bettie Bee

Some animals with this feature pass away soon before or immediately after birth, whilst other animals live happy and healthy lives. Frankenlouie, a two-faced cat, survived for 15 years until passing away in 2014.

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