In A Year, A Woman Spends Over $19,000 To Support Two Kittens She Rescued

Kelly Walker, a 43-year-old UK citizen, opted to schedule a trip in Turkey during the lockdowns and limitations imposed by Covid 19. After divorce, the woman moved back in with her mother and made plans to visit the coastal resort of Antalya as her next trip.

He eventually got his well-deserved vacation in November 2020, but while touring the area, he stumbled upon two kittens dwelling on a rock. Delilah and Harriet had apparently been living near a spa for quite some time, and they were in desperate need of assistance.

The cats had major health issues and were unlikely to live, so the woman decided to save them and bring them back to her homeland.

Kelly began the process of assisting the pair of cats and bringing them home in this manner, but it would not be an easy assignment. The woman, on the other hand, was prepared to go to any length to aid the kittens, even spending her funds from a home loan and other sources.

Kelly developed numerous feeding plans for the cats in order to build their confidence and be able to save them from the cliff. He was then able to catch them and transport them to a veterinary facility for much-needed treatment, which cost over $3,000.

He also had both felines neutered, vaccinated, and given all required treatments to help them recover their health, regardless of the expense.

After all, many people acquired pets or assisted animals in order to make meaning of their circumstances while incarcerated.

The woman needed to return home, but she couldn’t take her two cats, so she returned to Turkey in January of this year. Kelly attempted to return to Antalya through Romania and Istanbul due to constraints, but was held at the Istanbul airport.

Kelly had this to say:

“They examined my passport and questioned where I was from [in Istanbul].” It was a Turkish shelter, and they said, ‘You have to isolate yourself here,’ and I said, ‘No, I can’t do that,’ and they said, ‘You can’t leave the airport.’

After being delayed at the airport for many days with little access to food and drink, the woman chose to return to the United Kingdom. Kelly managed to find a pet motel for the two cats and paid for their stay until she was able to return in October 2021.

The woman was ready to take the two rescued cats this time, but owing to animal export rules, she returned empty-handed.

Kelly continued, ”

“When I arrived at the airport with the cats, clearly to return to the UK, they flatly informed me, ‘That’s not possible.’ They won’t be able to fly to the United Kingdom from here.’

The mother had already spent more than $ 14,000,000 at the time, and she felt she couldn’t help them any more. Despite this, Kelly contacted several airlines and received much the same response, but he remained hopeful that he might assist them.

As a final resort, the woman called an animal rights organization, which allowed her to take the kittens home.

On October 23, the woman was reunited with Harriet and Delilah, and it all seemed to make sense after so much turmoil.

Kelly stated,

“I know I spent that money, and I don’t make much money; I’m just a hairdresser,” she says, “but it made me feel like I accomplished something.”

Kelly spent about $ 19,000 in the end, but what matters most is that she can now enjoy her life with her two kitties.

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