Heartbreaking Moment When A Dog Tries To Wake Up His Friend Who Passed Away In A Run Over

These horrifying pictures show a loyal dog watching over his deceased comrade after he was struck by a car on a busy street in Zhejiang province, China, and even attempting to rouse him up. On April 17, the cream-colored dog’s closest buddy, the brown husky, who was laying in the middle of the road after being struck by a car, was distraught, on the point of despair, and saddened. He barked at his deceased companion until the person in charge of the animals showed up and took them away.

The terrible occurrence occurred on April 17, according to a report by Huanqui.com, in Quzhou Nianli.

His companion tried to awaken the lifeless body by moving it, but it proved ineffective. No one came to console him as cars were continually passing by. up till a lady came.

The few onlookers who had gathered by the roadside were unable to determine what had caused the accident that had left the dog lifeless in the middle of the street.

Half an hour later, a woman came and called the husky dog ​​by name, to see if he was alive.

A policeman asked him: ‘Do you own the dogs?’

‘Yes,’ she said.

As she dragged her deceased buddy to the side of the road to seek assistance, the woman picked up the dog, and the other dog followed.

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