He Didn’t Have the Heart to Wake a Homeless Kitten Who Fell Asleep in Her Rescuer’s Truck

This tiny calico cat was discovered in the middle of a busy roadway by a young guy. “I discovered a stray that snores like a train!” he said as he scooped her up and loaded her into his truck.
She attempted to climb up to his shoulder right away.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Matthew B./matt-38

“She was crawling on the street in a wooded area, so she was either born there and the mother didn’t manage to move the entire litter or someone simply dumped her,” Matt explained.

“The next day, I brought her to the vet to get rid of all the fleas, and as soon as I did, she went asleep in the vehicle. When I arrived home, I didn’t have the heart to wake her awake, so I sat quietly with the radio turned off for almost an hour till she awoke.”
She dozed off in his vehicle…

CREDIT: Courtesy of Matthew B./matt-383

He didn’t want to wake the kitty who was deep sleeping, so he switched off the radio and waited there for an hour till she awoke.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Matthew B./matt-383

Matt was unable to keep the kitten at his house, but he made every effort to find it a loving and secure home. “I used to work at a veterinarian’s office and was responsible for vetting a few potential adopters. I paid for the first round of deworming medication and handed her to a woman who also had a rescue cat “Love Meow was informed by Matt.

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