Postman Takes Selfies With Animals He Befriends While At Work

Cristiano da Silva Antunes, often known as “Carteiro Amigo Dos Animais,” is a Brazilian postman who has become famous for taking lovely photographs with the animals he encounters on his route.

He has a tendency of making friends with the animals whenever he goes for his morning jog. As a result of its common moniker, which translates to “postman buddy of animals,” it appears to form a great friendship with everyone.

Cristiano feels it is critical to dispel the ludicrous idea that dogs despise postmen, and he appears to be succeeding.

People and her social media followers are discovering that animals adore people regardless of their condition thanks to her adorable images.

Every shot Cristiano takes is stunning and demonstrates the wonderful bond he has with each of the animals he encounters in his job.

He not only meets dogs, but also cats, bunnies, birds, and every other sort of animal he encounters. Furthermore, Cristiano not only takes animal photographs, but he also has an animal purpose outside of work.

According to Bored Panda, the guy frequently rescues animals in need of veterinary care or assists shelters. Cristiano even fantasizes of opening his own animal sanctuary to care for all of his furry buddies.

While the postman emphasizes that befriending a dog takes time, it’s worth putting in the effort to earn their affection.

Cristiano suggested that he welcome him first, then allow them to recognize him and sniff him while remaining at a safe distance so that they can easily identify him.

He gets a bit closer to the animal after a time, and with a lot of patience, until he entirely wins his trust.

Because he has been surrounded by animals since he was a youngster, the friendly postman has some dogs and cats in his home.

That may explain his empathy for animals; after all, they always treat him as if he were one of their own.

Thousands of his social media fans have been pleased by the fantastic postman and his charming images. People wait impatiently for Cristiano to release the next photograph because of his fame.

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