Girl Breaks Down In Tears When Her Mom Surprises Her With A Rescued Kitten

Marley Frost, a nine-year-old American girl from Pennsylvania, broke down in tears when she was given a new rescue kitten last summer. When her mother brings home a little cat as a huge surprise, the child bursts into tears.

In a video shot by Marley’s mother, Nikki, the young girl can be seen sobbing hysterically while holding her new pet and hugging its tiny body.

Nikki noticed the little one and wanted to surprise Marley because he looks like Simon, a cat she loved dearly. The Frost family already had two dogs, two cats, and a guinea pig, so they weren’t looking for a new kitten.

“She had been requesting a kitten ever since our old black cat, Simon, went away the year before. Marley like animals. She frequently donates all of his money to the pet store.”

Marley entered her bedroom after getting home from school as her mother was watching her with a webcam. She walked over after hearing a kitten inside a basket when she opened the door and discovered it to be a rescue.

The black kitten, subsequently known as Ella, was taken out of the basket by the child, who cuddled her while crying.

She was rescued as a kitten. The kitten had to be bottle-fed because her mother is thought to have died, and she was discovered under the porch of a friend of Nikki’s.

Nicola stated:

I didn’t intend to get a new cat for my house, but sometimes you just know that certain things are meant to be.

Could we keep it? Marley sobbed and questioned. Marley cried some more and said, “Thank you, mom,” when Nikki answered yes.

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