Elephant Cries When Rescued After Living In Chains For 50 Years

Moving pictures capture the moment an elephant in India starts to cry after being freed after spending his first 50 years of existence tethered, forced to live among trash, visitors, and the guests of his owners.

Thankfully, the North London-based animal rescue organization Wildlife SOS was able to obtain his release, altering the direction of his life irrevocably.

Raju, an elephant, somehow lived thanks to the tourists who occasionally gave him food. To satisfy his stomach, he occasionally had to consume paper and plastic, nevertheless.

Pooja Binepal, the organization’s spokesperson, claimed that the rescue effort took place at midnight and that she had never previously witnessed an elephant crying.

For the rescuers, things unquestionably got considerably more emotional.

Pooja Binepa commented:

We had a gut feeling that he was aware of his freedom.

Raju’s owner attempted to stop the rescue in the middle of it by tying shackles around Raju’s legs and yelling instructions to scare him, but thankfully the organization never gave up and all the rescuers constantly maintained the required firmness.

Finally, Raju was delivered from the terrible location, where he will be pain-free for the rest of his life.

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