Dog That Nobody Wanted Saves The Life Of A Girl With Epilepsy Every Day

A girl with epilepsy is cared for by Jerry, a dog that no one wanted. Keanna, a 3-year-old with uncontrollable epilepsy, has to learn to recognize the signs of an impending seizure, so he saves her life every day.

Jerry notifies the other members of the family 30 minutes before Keanna is scheduled to suffer a seizure. Keanna’s family buys time to be ready for the assault by giving the daughter medication that could even prevent the attack from happening since only he can know and he is always correct.

It is an essential warning that has repeatedly saved the girl’s life. George Leonard, a canine trainer with MSAR Service Dogs in Winnipeg, Canada, stated, “Jerry stays to Keanna like glue when she’s having difficulties with her seizures and she’s not feeling well.”

Animal control spotted Jerry on the street and brought him to a shelter before he was adopted. A canine trainer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) came upon Jerry there and told George that he was an exceptional dog and that he was giving him to George because he would no doubt do great things with him.

Jerry was the ideal candidate for training at MSAR because of his naturally kind demeanor and bright intelligence, which would later enable him to save the lives of people with epilepsy like Keanna.

When Keanna and Jerry have reunited a year ago, after just two days together in the home, Jerry began to alert Keanna’s mother about impending attacks.

The dog that once needs rescue now regularly saves a young woman. Keanna was experiencing somewhere between 25 and 40 seizures each month before to meeting Jerry. She is now down to just one.

Jerry, according to George, is a really unique dog. “The puppy that no one wanted has won a place in our organization’s hearts and changed and saved this girl’s life,” our organization’s motto reads.

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