Deaf Dog Takes Care Of Rescued Kittens And Gives Them Lots Of Hugs

Earlier this year, two extremely ill young kittens were delivered to Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles. A deaf dog decided to shower the kittens with love every day until they found a happy home.

The tabby, gray, and white furred cats with the names Jacobi and James had always been best friends, especially while they were recovering.

As he cuddled up to his sibling, Jacobi purred nonstop. Whatever one of them did, the other sought to do as well.

IG: picklespup

The two kittens were placed in a foster home where they met Pickles, a sweet deaf dog who was also rescued at the age of 5 and was introduced to them.


IG: picklespup

Pickles is the first to give hugs to the animals that Pickles’ foster parents bring home for a temporary residence.


IG: picklespup

Pickles gave Jacobi and James as much confidence as he could, cuddling up to them and letting them climb on top of him as soon as they arrived.

IG: picklespup

The two kittens adored their canine companion right away.

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