Couple Uses Their Wedding Money To Save Their Beloved Kitten

North Wales’ Rhyl, in the county of Denbigh, is home to Michelle and Mike Blakeley. They made the choice to save their cat Matisse, who had been in a catastrophic accident in the middle of the road, with the money they had set aside for their wedding.

They were engaged and intended to be married in a year or two, but it was not difficult for them to part with their money, because both are aware that Matisse’s life is vital right now, as he is part of the family.

They could wait a bit longer before getting married.

The cost of Matisse’s therapy was £1,000, and more expenses could occur. Only seven months old, Matisse will have his leg amputated and will require surgery to connect his pelvis to his spine.

The couple’s daughter Rebecca was the one who discovered Matisse after the accident under those horrible circumstances.

As Michelle said:

He finally arrived at the front door after dragging himself off the road. He was soaked and in a poor condition because it was pouring. He was rushed to the vet by us. He received intravenous treatment as well as a lot of painkillers. I cried all night and was unable to sleep.

Michelle went on to say

“We have exhausted all of our resources and now have nothing. Because I’m preserving his life and he is a member of the family, we don’t worry about it until we run out of money.

After Matisse’s accident, Michelle posted the story to Facebook and shared it with her friends.

“He is incredibly cherished, and we hope he can regain what was lost. We have exhausted all of our resources and currently have nothing, so we are attempting to enlist the aid of our family. I am aware that it is expensive.”

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