Boy Left His Dog At The Door Of A Shelter To Save Him From His Father’s Mistreatment

Volunteers from the Xollin animal shelter in the state of Mexico discovered something surprising at the entrance on February 13 of this year. A pitbull dog, a plush animal, and a message written by a little child were all found inside a sizable cardboard box that appeared to have been abandoned.

“My name is Andrés, and I’m twelve years old. My mother and I agreed to put it in your hands while keeping my dad away since I was considering selling it. He is kicked and handled roughly. He once gave him a kick so forceful that it injured his little tail. I’m hoping you can look after him and assist him. In order for him to remember me, I left him a stuffed animal.


The little child appeared to be extremely upset, but he made the decision to take his closest buddy to the shelter in order to find him a new home in order to stop his father from inflicting further harm on him.

The shelter shared the touching tale on its Facebook page, where it quickly gained popularity and touched online people.



Staff at the shelter posted the following on Facebook:


“We have the dog that became famous when a 12-year-old kid chose to leave him with us at the shelter so that he would be protected from the abuse that his father inflicted on the puppy,” the shelter employee said.

Since his tale was published, the dog, whom they called “René,” has gotten more than 300 adoption requests.

René is not yet ready to be adopted, despite the fact that it is tremendously encouraging to hear that so many people are eager in doing so. The veterinarian must first evaluate it and administer the necessary medications.

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