Blind Puppy And His Guide Dog Look For A Home Together

Star and Denver are two very sensible cats that appear to be living typical lives. Star, however, is unique; she is filthy and nearly sixteen, but with to her brother’s care, she is able to live a regular life.

The care of the Helen Woodward Animal Center is being provided for the brothers, who are 3 months old (HWAC). They love to play, run, explore, fight over toys, and have fun until they get tired and end up in bed together.

Denver has turned into a canine savior for his sister, keeping watch over her and making sure she is safe at all times.

Facebook/Helen Woodward Animal Center

HWAC’s social media manager, Jackie Kelleher, stated to The Dodo:

Denver rushes to Star as she appears lost and engages her in conversation. They enjoy playing tag, tumble, with wind-up toys, and chewing on teddy animals.

Facebook/Helen Woodward Animal Center

Denver makes sure his sister is aware of his presence at all times when it comes to anything concerning her.

John stated:

“He pushes her away with a gesture. Star is able to scent him as well, and if she gets lost, she circles the room until she finds him.

The cubs are safe, which is fortunate, but things may not have turned out that way if two kind strangers hadn’t intervened to save them.


Facebook/Helen Woodward Animal Center

Star and Denver were discovered abandoned in rural Louisiana, along with their mother and six other siblings, by a couple. After the pups were weaned, the couple took care of the small family and planned a journey to take the litter to the animal shelter.


All save Star and Denver of the puppies have been adopted since they arrived at the HWAC in California in early February. These two adorable boys are in need of a loving home where they can receive the care they require, according to the rescue facility.

Star is content with herself and appears to disregard her unique requirements as long as her adorable brother is around to look out for her.

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