Black Labrador Born With A Cleft Lip And Palate Can Finally Play

Felix is a sweet black lab that lives in Alaska, United States. He is well-known on the Imgur social media platform, where he has attracted a large number of fans who have followed his journey and enjoy seeing the adorable furry man progress.

Felix’s father, Jamie, told Bored Panda:

“I’ve been caring for Felix since he was 11 days old. I was the rescue worker called in by the breeder after they saw that one of her litter’s puppies was not growing and was in fact dying due to a severe cleft palate and cleft lip, and was unable to feed from her mother correctly.”

Getting this furry chap out was a difficult process.

Jamie explains:

“At this time, he had acquired aspiration pneumonia and was not going to live another 24 hours.” I brought him home with me and fed him through a tube for the following seven weeks. I also helped him with his pneumonia. He’s currently 14 months old and a black lab puppy!


The exact etiology of cleft lip and palate is unknown. According to Jamie, this abnormality can emerge in people and animals as a result of inadequate diet or prenatal exposure to particular products.

Felix is a warrior who doesn’t allow his medical issues stop him from enjoying himself and having a good time. This Labrador also has digestive issues due to the fact that his intestines originated on the other side of his body; he only has one working eyeball, and his jaws are misaligned. His face has a distinct aspect.

Jamie continued, ”

“He can only consume canned food since none of his teeth match. I offer him hard food now and again to make him feel like he’s part of the gang, but he has a hard time picking it up. He does, however, keep him occupied ».

Felix had surgery to fix his clefts in January of this year. The dog has a unilateral cleft palate that affects both the hard and soft palates, according to his parent. The veterinarian did an excellent job, and he was able to rebuild his palate difficulties using his own tissue.

Felix was unable to eat or drink regularly prior to his operation. Every time he fed, his father cleansed the food from his cleft.

Jamie continued, ”

“Since his operation, he has developed a neurological tic that makes him to spin about and occasionally bark at the air, most likely owing to the dislocation of his skull.” We’re trying out some new drugs to see if they can assist him.”

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