Because A Family 0f Bears Has Been Stealing The Man’s Honey, He Has Turned Them Into Taste Testers

Honey is a favorite food of bears, and this isn’t going to change anytime soon. They just seem to get a taste for it and will go to amazing measures to ensure that they get their hands on it. It’s fascinating to see, but it’s stressful for the person trying to save the honey.

When a family of bears started to visit a bee farm on a regular basis, the farmer decided to turn lemons into lemonade. The beekeeper, Ibrahim Sedef, tries his hardest to keep the bears away, but it doesn’t always work out as well as he would want.


Ibrahim Sedef is an agricultural engineer that works in the beekeeping industry in Trabzon, Turkey. He’s been having trouble keeping the bears out of his hives.

To try to divert the bears, he surrounded the hives with metal cages and even placed other food out. Nothing appeared to be working.

That’s when he decided to set up cameras on the farm to learn everything he could about bears.


That’s when he devised the ideal strategy.

Rather than keeping the honey hidden from them, he would put it out to see what the bears really needed.

A table was set up with four different varieties of honey to determine which the bears preferred.

They must have liked the fragrance of Anzer honey since they were the first to taste it. They wouldn’t even bother with the cherry blossom honey on occasion.


Anzer honey is a high-quality Turkish honey that costs $300 a pound.

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