Adopted Dog Walks 40 Miles To Return To Her Foster Mother

Seneca Krueger is a dog enthusiast in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where she works as a psychotherapist and an animal volunteer. She specializes in assisting and fostering rescued pets until they can find permanent homes. She has fostered approximately 30 dogs so far, but none have had the same emotional impact on her as Zelda.

Credit: Krueger

“What happens is that you love them, and then you let them go, and you take the next one,” Krueger said. “With Zelda, I adopted her out and cried for three days. I felt as if I’d misplaced my puppy.”

Krueger rescued and fostered Zelda, a 6-year-old German Shepherd mix, last year. Zelda, according to Krueger, was a particularly tough case. Krueger told The Dodo, “She arrived with anti-anxiety meds.” “Zelda took her time. She was either pacing or hiding all day.”

Credit: Krueger

Thankfully, the nice woman assisted Zelda in regaining her faith in others. The dog emerged from her terrified shell after several months of patient loving care and was ready to find a nice home.

“As Zelda’s confidence grew, I thought it was time for her to find her forever home,” Krueger explained. “As a dog foster parent, this is what you’re meant to do: help them acclimate and then cheerfully say goodbye as they move on to live their best lives.”

Credit: Krueger

Krueger had to pull over to the side of the road when she couldn’t fight back her emotions as she drove Zelda to her new home. “I felt like I had handed up my dog for the first time in my 12 years of dog fostering.” Krueger was heartbroken after saying goodbye to Zelda and grieved for days, but she was relieved when the dog found a new home and loving people. Zelda, on the other hand, vanished after just ten days in her new home. After slipping her leash, she had vanished. Krueger jumped right into searching for Zelda.

Credit: Krueger

Krueger received information that Zelda had been seen in Minneapolis more than two months later. She arrived to confirm and discovered Zelda was attempting to contact her. The dog went 40 miles in 97 days to return to her foster mother

Zelda wanted to be with her foster mother, so she returned home. The narrative moved the family that adopted the dog, so they decided to let Krueger keep Zelda, and the adoption is now complete.

Credit: Krueger

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