A Tourist Attempted to Pat the Head of a Wild Lion. The Lion Was Disappointed

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s time for some tough love. Stop. Playing. With. Animals. In. The. Wild.

It’s true. We can’t believe we’re releasing yet another tale about a haphazard tourist acting irrationally while on vacation. This time, a video on YouTube has surfaced showing someone attempting to pat a lion through a vehicle window.

They stated, “To try to touch [a lion] is very dumb and thoughtless to the tourist who videotaped the incident.”

According to a South African safari warden, a lion has the ability to rip a person’s arm off or, worse, drag them out of the window and murder them in front of their companions.

“It might just as easily have smashed through the open window and ripped those inside out. They were really fortunate to get away with it. “They are wild animals,” said Naas Smit, who determined that if the lion had killed or wounded the visitor, park rangers would have to euthanize it.

It’s the latest in a long line of events in which humans appear to forget that wild creatures are simply that. A cheetah leaped onto the backseat of an American vehicle on an African safari in a similar footage released earlier this year. A Yellowstone bison gored a lady in June after a group of tourists got too near to the huge animal. Shortly later, two ladies were injured by wild elk in separate occurrences.

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