A Sweet Friendship Develops Between An Older Dog And A Female Who Comes Through The Door

Sheitan, a lovely senior dog, is quick to make friends, sometimes even without her mother’s knowledge. Bridget was just working on her computer when she came into the living room and noticed her dog sitting with a cute little girl she didn’t recognize.

According to Bridget, who spoke to The Dodo,

“She has such a serene demeanor. He only wants to be pampered and fed. She appears to have raised a lot of puppies in her time, so she just cuddles up to the kittens and looks after them. It’s quite lovely.”

Bridget could see they were having a good time and had discovered companionship in each other.

The woman recalls the following:

“I went out to my living room and noticed them seated like this, talking on the phone while watching TV.” I don’t believe either of them was aware that I was present. I simply stood aside and let them do their job.

According to Bridget, the girl didn’t realize it, but her company had made Sheitan extremely happy in that little length of time; what she always wants is to have someone sit down with her and hang out. Unfortunately, the playdate could not continue indefinitely, and the girl was forced to return home.

Bridget stated:

“Finally, she looked up and spotted me cleaning the dishes, so I just smiled at her and continued to watch her program.” She smiled at me and walked over to her parents after her parents called her home.

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