A Man Removes His Shirt And Gives It To A Freezing Stray Dog

To others, it may appear to be a little gesture.

But there’s no denying that it meant everything to this freezing, lonely dog.


Fernando Gabriel and his brother, Felipe, were preparing to use the metro in So Paulo, Brazil, the other day. When Felipe went to buy the tickets, though, he noticed someone.

Gabriel told The Dodo, “He spotted a dog trembling in the cold.” “It was the coldest day of the year,” says the narrator.

Despite Gabriel’s puzzlement, his brother proceeded to undress.

“I saw my brother take off his bag and start shooting,” Gabriel explained. “He went on. He removed his jacket and hoodie and placed his shirt over the dog, who was freezing. He did it on the spur of the moment. It was quite touching.”

Here’s a video of that moment:

Felipe didn’t expect anybody to notice his brother’s kind deed, but the video has already gone viral.

Gabriel subsequently said, “I seldom publish anything on my feed.” “However, it is worthy of being shared.”

It turned out that the shirt he gave the dog was one of his favorites, and Felipe said, “It looks better on him.”


Felipe and his brother later sought for the dog while passing through the station on their way home, with the intention of taking him home with them. But by then, the dog had gone on, no probably a little warmer as a result of the clothing and the affection offered to him.

Felipe told The Dodo that he regrets not being able to do more for the dog that day, but that he is hopeful that people would be inspired to help others in similar situations.

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